Natural Hair Restoration

For Women

Hair Replacement For Women

Individual response to natural hair restoration depends on the reason for the hair loss, as well as each woman’s reaction to key ingredients in different products. At Linda Alfieri Specialty Salon, we can show you the best options available to treat and prevent female hair loss. Our treatments can begin reversing the effects of hair loss, and bring actual regrowth of hair. Additionally, women may find that our expert stylists can offer hair care tips and provide styling, volume cuts, and strategic coloring to make their existing hair look richer and fuller.

At Linda Alfieri Hair Replacement & Full Service Salon, we respect your privacy. All of our interactions with our clients are kept strictly confidential. When you come to our salon, our conversation will take place in a private suite shielded from other clients’ ears and eyes. No one will ever know your hair isn’t all yours!

The Best Products for the Best Results

At Linda Alfieri Specialty Salon, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of service and products. With more than 30 years’ experience treating hair loss, we can match the best treatment to the individual. Supplements, shampoos, and treatment packages are just some of the options we offer.

Our expert stylists and colorists will help create styles, color accents, and provide hair care tips that will make your hair look beautiful, every day!

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