About Linda Alfieri Salon & Medical Billing

Linda Alfieri was born in Brooklyn, NY. She started in Hair Replacement in 1982. Linda the daughter of Charles Alfieri, who was best known in the industry as the man who invented and patented the first Lace Front Hair piece, was well respected by many and like father like daughter, Linda has taken the industry by storm. She also has grown to be a well respected Hair Replacement Specialist, working with plastic surgeons, Dermatologist, Oncologist for Cancer patients, Alopecia, Lupus, Burn Victims, accident patients. Through years of experience Linda Alfieri knows the questions women ask when they suffer temporary or permanent hair loss and faced with the issue of wearing a wig or any type of Hair Addition.

The retail Salon is located at 127 E. Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton FL 33432. With private rooms, a large variety of Euro wigs Kosher Shaites Custom Human Hair system for men and women, now we will be helping submit insurance claims, for patients who will need help to cover their hair loss under medical INC nation wide.

For more info, please call toll free:
Linda Alfieri Hair Replacement Center
127 E. Palmetto Park Road
Boca Raton, Florida 3343

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